Ampoule revitalisante haute concentration en PDRN et acide hyaluronique

High concentration PDRN & Hyaluronic Acid revitalizing ampoule

0.2 NANO MESH Filter Sterilization System

Preventing the denaturalization of active ingredients

The conventional ampoule sterilization method with high-pressure steam (Autoclave) uses steam

contained at 120*C, inevitably causing partial hydrolysis of peptide chains, as well as a certain

amount of vitamin oxidation and protein denaturalization. This is why PDRN Boost CH No. 10 solu-

ton usesnovel 02 NANO MESH iter sterlzaston tecthnology nstead,in order to preserve the qualil

lof heat sensftive vtamins as welas hyaluronic acid partidles.

Metoo Healer PDRN Boost CH No. 10 has been developed and manufactured with the best combi

nation of ingredients and state-of-the-art technology in order to preserve both product safety and

ingredient properties and quality

 Visible Skin Rejuvenation & Recovery 

 PDRN Boost CH No.10 

The only skin solution you need

Metoo Healer PDRN Boost CH No. 10 is a premium anti-aging, skin revitalizing ampoule developed

by the No. 1 anti-aging research institute in Korea, with 35 years of studies focused only on cell

aging. PDRN Boost CH No. 10 combines over 50 active ingredients including vitamins, amino acids

coenzymes, nucleic acids and hyaluronic acid etc. at optimal proportions, being absorbed into the

epidermis to improve fibroblast function and target several skin concerns at once, providing deep

nourishment to the skin.

With a Vitamin B complex including Niacinamide and Biotin, PDRN Boost CH No. 10 stimulates skin

cell renewal, improving the skin tone and texture. It also contains over 10 of the 20 amino acids that

work as building blocks for protein, including Arginine, Lysine and Histidine, offering antioxidant

benefits and support of skin cell turnover for a healthy, radiant skin.

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