2Xsome is a premium exosome skin booster,
It is formulated to provide anti-inflammatory drugs,
Benefits of Regeneration and Strengthening Skin Barriers
Exosomes found naturally in the human body.


2Xsome consists of 2 agents:

1. 1Some Exosome Rejuvenating Powder

A high concentration stem-cell-derived Exosome lyo-

philized powder with Sodium Hyaluronate.

2. 2Some Exosome Activating Diluent

An activating fluid with a mixture of Hydrolyzed Col-

lagen, Sodium DNA, Copper Tripeptide-1 and vita

mins that works to maximize Exosome absorption.


Exosomes are tiny extracellular vesicles about 100

nanometres in size. They are the most important mechanism

in cell-to-cell communication in our bodies, acting as messengers

delivering lipids, proteins and RNA to activate biological 

responses in the redipient cells.

Exosomes were shown to intervene in processes such as protein delivery, blood coagulation, cell waste disposal, etc. 

With their cell-penetrating ability, 

they are gaining popularity for clinical applications as a

next-generation cell regenerative ingredient.

Exosomes Mechanism of Action

1. Anti-inflammatory Action

Exosomes have a big role in relieving infammation, 

transporting the enzymes needed in

the generation of extracellular Adenosine, a powerful 

anti-Inflammatory agent which regulates 

immune activity and prevents skin inflammation, 

as well as possible post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

2. Promotion of Skin Barrier Structural Components

Exosomes promote the synthesis of critical components of the skin barrier- Sphingolipids These are essential molecules of the epldermis that intervene in the modulation of our skin cells, involved in ceramide production, 

keratinocyte proliferation and differentiation, main taining the skin barrier health.

Exosomes are isolated from a Stem Cell Culture Media, which refers to the remaining solution efter a cell culture process that contains various growth factors, such as EGf, as well as peptides, among or amongst other elements from cells during the culture process.

The Culture Medla is prone to also contain undesired Ingredients

>Exosomes, the key ingredient, comprise only 0,5% of the solution

>2Xsome has successfully isolated and purified the 0,5% of Exosomes from the culture solution and applied them to its skin booster formula.

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